September 23

What Remains

An overview of September, and the task ahead!



September 22nd... already!? This month has been *crazy*...

Here's what we've been up to:

  • Aug 31-Sep 9 - Did a 10-Day Facebook giving campaign
  • Sept 1 - Shared our heart with 24 friends at a support dinner
  • Sept 3 - Spoke at Omaha Christian Center
  • Sept 7-10 Made a trip to Colorado to visit supporters and speak at Calvary AG in Alliance, NE
  • Sept 10 - 18 Hosted family from out of town
  • Sept 17 - Spoke at Glad Tidings Church

Aside from the craziness, I could write on and on about how amazing it has been. We have felt SO loved, have seen God's faithfulness over and over, have been able to spend time with the best people on earth... It's been a GOOD month.

I want to pause for just a moment, and say thank you. We've said it before, but it bears repeating: I am constantly blown away by all of you. The generosity we've seen has been incredible. The love and support for what God has called us to do has been almost overwhelming.


Thank you so much. I often say that we're not going alone, but as a team... and every day I see the truth of those words. I see the truth that many give sacrificially so that we can go. Your love, your sacrifice, your generosity - it should be recognized.

Saying THANK YOU never quite feels like enough.

And yet, in my heart, I find peace, knowing that every giver, every prayer warrior, every encourager is seen by the Father, who LOVES rewarding those who walk according to his will.

He really is a Good Father. :)


What Remains

Earlier this year, we carefully set a goal to be fully supported by September 30th. I can honestly say that this was incredibly ambitious... but we wanted to set our sights on something that we knew only God could do.

We have been blown away that so much support has come in.

We are at 100% of our CASH BUDGET!

Thank you so much for all of your incredible contributions. Over HALF of this budget arrived in the last month. WOW!

We are at  68% of our MONTHLY budget!

We have about ~$1700 remaining of Monthly Commitments that are yet to come in. We know that there are several folks who have made verbal commitments, but haven't yet set them up or haven't completed a commitment form.

We cannot count a commitment towards the total unless a recurring online gift is setup, or a commitment form is completed

For reference, our account number is 2969517.

PLEASE complete them ASAP, as you are able!

Go to for full instructions on how to give.


There have been a lot of recurring questions about the subject of monthly commitments, so I made this graphic. I hope this is helpful!